At Cheyney, our academic programs are informed by current realities, shaped by up-to-date expertise, and designed to provide unmatched preparation for sustained professional success.

Cheyney’s School of Arts & Sciences provides a broad liberal arts and sciences education through three departments: Department of Natural and Applied Sciences, Department of Humanities, and Department of Social Sciences.



The Department of Natural and Applied Sciences offers Bachelor of Science degree programs in Biological Science, Mathematics and Computer Science.

The mission of the department is to educate and train our students in the science, technology and mathematics disciplines to become life-long learners, problem solvers, and environmentally responsible citizens.

The department provides a supporting and nurturing environment that prepares students to join the Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) workforce, or to enroll in a professional or a graduate school. We work diligently to place interested students in research internships and research training programs, both on and off campus, as further preparation for their field of choice, thus aiding in the transition to the next level of their career.

Coursework in biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics and computer science is also offered for non-majors in order to educate all students in science, technology and mathematics.

With a Bachelor of Science degree in biology from Cheyney University, students are qualified to enter careers in health-related fields, teach biology in secondary school (with required certification), and enter professional schools of dentistry, medicine, physical therapy, nursing, veterinary medicine, pharmacy, and physician assistant, or continue their education through graduate school programs in biology, biotechnology, and the biomedical sciences.

There are six areas of concentration under the biology degree program:

  • Concentration in Pre-Medicine
  • Concentration in Ecology/Environmental Biology
  • Concentration in Pre-Nursing/Health Professions
  • Concentration in Forensics
  • Concentration in Aquaculture
  • Concentration in Cell and Molecular Biology

These concentrations offer students the opportunity to “specialize” within an area of biology as preparation for careers in specific, high-demand fields, and require students to complete a total of seven major-track electives specific to the chosen concentration. Because the emphasis is placed on various research and scientific skills, students are also positioned to enter graduate and professional programs.


Understanding the basics of biology can add breadth and depth to other majors, particularly Chemistry and Psychology. A minor in biology provides students with diverse background information that will increase their employment opportunities while allowing them to better appreciate the functioning of the world around them.


Biology Curriculum – Forensic Science

Biology Curriculum – General

Biology Curriculum – PreMed

Biology Curriculum – PreNursing and Health Professions

Biology Curriculum – Aquaculture

Biology Curriculum – Cell and Molecular Bio

Biology Curriculum – Ecology and Environmental Bio

The Computer Science program is designed to build proficiency in problem-solving for business, mathematics, and scientific fields. These applications are taught with an emphasis on the principles of software engineering, leading to opportunities in the industry, federal agencies, or a variety of computer science-related jobs. Cheyney graduates are also prepared to continue their education in graduate school.



A fundamental understanding of computer science is an asset in virtually every field of employment. The Minor in Computer Science provides students with that foundation as a way to complements their major degree.

Most industries are using computers to a greater degree, and graduates with a minor in Computer Science will have the acumen to secure jobs that require a working knowledge of computation and programming.


Computer and Information Science Curriculum


This program prepares students with a strong background to progress into a career in actuarial sciences, biostatistics, and computational science, in the financial industry or with federal agencies. It also provides a solid foundation for graduate school programs in mathematics, applied mathematics, or other math-intensive disciplines such as physics and engineering.


Mathematics Curriculum

The mission of the Department of Humanities is to provide a broad liberal arts education that provides the intellectual foundation and practical application for pursuing their professional goals. Fine Arts, Design, English and Liberal Studies combine critical thinking with practical skills in communication technology, as well as oral, written, and artistic expression. Students are guided and mentored by Cheyney faculty and department-sponsored student organizations, and grow in their professional development through a variety of internship opportunities.

The number and variety of majors and minors allow students to combine programs as the foundation for a career or further study in graduate school. In both instances, the Liberal Studies experience serves to enhance the quality of our students’ lives and prepare them to be citizens of the global community.

In the Cheyney graphic design program, our students learn to conceive, plan and execute visual communications that make a lasting impact. Along the way, they’ll master the up-to-date design principles and technology, and gain an appreciation for the history of design.

Our graduates are prepared to enter the working world as graphic designers, production designers, and design production coordinators. Through experiences in progressively intensive studio projects, and through opportunities for independent study, students gain the knowledge, sharpen the skills, and master the concepts that are essential to the professional life of a graphic designer. All of which they ultimately demonstrate in our unique senior capstone course.


Graphic Design Curriculum

Our Fine Arts program is designed to guide students as they hone their skills and learn to fully express themselves in the visual or performing arts. Our graduates are well-prepared for careers as professional artists, art and museum educators, and gallery, museum or independent curators. Students also have the option of continuing their education in an M.F.A., Teacher Certification, and Ph. D. program.


Fine Arts Curriculum

The Liberal Studies program offers Cheyney students the flexibility to build degree programs around their interests after completing Cheyney’s core curriculum and liberal studies core. Students work with an adviser to combine internship experiences, online portfolios, and other related learning experiences to gain a broad understanding of the liberal arts, and to prepare for the specific skills needed for their chosen careers. The program also focuses on developing successful communication skills that are highly prized by employers.

Six areas of concentration offer an interdisciplinary approach that allows students to gain breadth in the subject along with an understanding of the interconnections among principles of differing disciplines.

  • Liberal Studies with a concentration in Business and Society
  • Liberal Studies with a concentration in Education and Learning
  • Liberal Studies with a concentration in Government and Law
  • Liberal Studies with a concentration in Cognition
  • Liberal Studies with a concentration in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics
  • Liberal Studies with a concentration in Pre-Art Therapy

Liberal Studies Curriculum – Education and Learning

Liberal Studies Curriculum – Government and Law

Liberal Studies Curriculum – Philosophy Politics and Economics

Liberal Studies Curriculum – Pre-Art Therapy

Liberal Studies Curriculum

Liberal Studies Curriculum – Business and Society

Liberal Studies Curriculum – Cognition

The English program prepares students for a wide range of careers that require language fluency and critical thinking skills, or for graduate study in a wide range of areas including Communication Arts, Education, Humanities, Law, Business, Social Sciences, and Print and Non-print Media.


English Curriculum – Literature

English Curriculum – Writing

Cheyney’s Social Sciences programs are designed around the concept of public service, with special emphasis on real experience acquired in the field. Our graduates aspire to careers in the helping professions, healthcare, public administration, and the many branches of criminal justice and social work. Our faculty are highly committed to their students, and small class sizes provide the opportunity to learn, to be known, and to share. These programs provide a variety of opportunities for active involvement, including presentations, internships and an assortment of activities tailored to help students focus on their program of study.

The Department of Social Sciences offers degree programs in Social Relations, Psychology and Communication, with concentrations in Sociology, Criminal Justice, and American Political Studies offered through the Social Relations program.

Today’s mass media industries demand a diverse set of skills. At Cheyney, students have ample opportunities to grown and sharpen those skills. The Communication Arts program features the Ed Bradley Broadcast Center (a state-of-the-art television production studio with Final Cut Pro non-linear editing), and cable radio station WCUB.

The program offers three tracks that provide the experience students need to be successful in the communications field: Public Relations, Radio, and Television Production.


Communication Curriculum

Psychology seeks to understand the internal and external influences that affect each individual in a variety of ways. In addition to a wide range of career opportunities in the field of psychology, this degree can also be an asset in business, health sciences, and any number helping professions. While it’s possible to enter these fields with a Bachelor of Arts degree, Cheyney encourages our students to pursue further graduate studies for an even wider range of exciting psychology-related careers.


Psychology Curriculum

Cheyney’s Social Relations program provides a broad liberal arts background that prepares students for graduate training in any number of fields. It also provides a base for pursuing a career in law, law enforcement, justice administration, and other social science-related professions.

The program offers concentrations in Criminal Justice, Sociology and American Political Studies. For each of these concentrations, students are required to follow a common major core of courses.


Social Relations Curriculum – All Concentrations

The concentration in American Political Studies is designed to ground students in the key concepts, modern empirical research, and theoretical debates concerning the American political system on the international, national, state, and local levels. Students will be especially immersed in the efficacy of the America’s ever-expanding pluralist democracy in relation to African Americans. Through this concentration, students gain valuable preparation for understanding and participating in political systems, with particular emphasis on the African American experience. Students acquire skills in writing, communications, and analysis, all of which prepare them to think critically and independently as they pursue careers in business, law, governmental and non-profit agencies, journalism, political campaigns, interest groups.

The American Political Studies concentration is designed to prepare students for many different careers in public and private sector organizations.

The Criminal Justice concentration prepares students to pursue entry-level positions in Law Enforcement, Court Administration, Corrections, Probation & Parole, and other related areas. Many of our students use the program as preparation for Law School and other Criminal Justice related graduate programs.

The Sociology concentration prepares students primarily for the pursuit of graduate training in Sociology, Law, Public Administration, Social Work, and related areas. It also provides solid preparation for entry-level positions in many related areas, such as adult and juvenile group homes and non-profit social service agencies.

The programs offered by the School of Business and Professional Studies prepare our students for careers in education, business, and hospitality and restaurant management, as well as in the recreation and leisure professions. Students also gain a valuable foundation for further study in graduate and professional school.

Through real world experiences, leadership development, hands-on research and an array of enrichment programs, our Bachelor of Science programs provide students with the knowledge and skills to grow as professionals in their chosen fields. Our primary goal is to prepare our students to enjoy successful careers, pursue graduate or professional education, and to have a positive impact on society.



The mission of the Teacher Education program is to prepare students to become effective and collaborative leaders in the classroom. By doing so, these future teachers and school leaders strengthen academic quality and advance student achievement and success.

Guided by the reflective approach to education, the Teacher Education program offers a four-year baccalaureate degree program in Early Childhood Education, as well as a dual degree in Early Childhood and Special Education.


Education Curriculum – Early Childhood Education

The Business Administration program promotes academic excellence and the development of our students as professional leaders. By challenging our students and utilizing up-to-date techniques and personal counseling, the program prepares our graduates to be successful professionals and business owners, or to pursue graduate studies.


Business Administration Curriculum

Through a cutting-edge, experiential education, our graduating students are industry-experienced, technologically savvy, and effective oral and written communicators. With an ability to think critically and to systematically solve problems, our students are prepared to succeed in these competitive and growing fields.

The HRTM Program at Cheyney is proudly accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Programs in Hospitality Administration(ACPHA).


Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management Curriculum

The Recreation and Leisure Management program prepares students for job opportunities in any recreational setting through:

  • Understanding of concepts and philosophies
  • Development of a personal, professional philosophy of recreation.
  • Thorough knowledge of the nature and history of the recreation movement, its origin, and current trends.
  • Opportunities to demonstrate competence, academic knowledge, and physical skills for eminent leadership recreation.

General Education

The General Education (Gen Ed) program is a common set of courses that all students must satisfy prior to graduating from the University. Through this program, Cheyney aims to shape confident, competent, reflective, and visionary leaders and responsible citizens.


Recreation Management Curriculum