Cheyney University Pre-Law Society

Recognizing the importance of adequate preparation and counsel for the undergraduate anticipating a post-graduate legal education, and sensing the need for a centralized body on campus to gather and disseminate relevant materials concerning the legal career to all interested persons, Cheyney University established the Pre-law Society.

The purpose of the Cheyney University Pre-Law Society is to promote interest in and understanding of the law, to better prepare students for success in law school and legal careers and to foster closer collaboration among students in diverse fields interested in law.

Our Goals

  • To foster interaction and collaboration amongst students with an interest in the law.
  • To organize events that bring together CU students with attorneys, judges, representatives of law schools, and other legal professionals.
  • To increase awareness about law school expectations and the LSAT exam preparations
  • To assist students in their preparation for careers in law.

Meeting Dates

  • 1st and 4th Monday of each month in Emlen Hall Café 

Cheyney University Pre-Law Society Contacts