Pre-Law at Cheyney University

Pre-law at Cheyney University combines the rigor of academic study with pre-professional experiences and career advising to provide students with the necessary preparation for law school admission. Cheyney University offers students a wide range of  opportunities to gain exposure to the field of law, to interact with legal professionals, and to learn about the law school 2017_Pre-Law-Society-Members admission process.

Cheyney University offers excellent scholarship opportunities for students at both the undergraduate level as well as scholarships to attend law school. Through a number of affiliations, the graduates of Cheyney University have access to scholarships at law programs such as Penn State University, the University of Pittsburgh, Temple University, Widener and the Vermont School of Law.

Cheyney University is affiliated with the Law School Admissions Council and the National Black Law Students Association. These affiliations provide students with an array of opportunities to support law school preparation, important resources for pre-law students, and access to national conferences.

Pre-Law Offerings:

  • Pre-law Advising
  • Curricular Planning
  • Scholarships for Law School
  • The Cheyney University Pre-Law Society
  • Preparation for the LSAT
  • Professional Development Programs
  • Participation in National Conferences
  • Graduate/Law School Fairs
  • Visits to Law Schools
  • Interactions with Law School Admissions Counselors
  • Assistance with Pre-Law Summer Program Placement
  • Resume Development
  • Internship Assistance