Curricular Planning: Undergraduate Education, Coursework and Choosing a Major

Cheyney University’s pre-law team of academic advisors and staff provide support to students in selecting a major, and in planning coursework to support preparation for admission into law school. The American Bar Association does not recommend any undergraduate majors or group of courses to prepare for a legal education. Students are admitted to law school from almost every academic discipline. Instead, students are encouraged to select a major that offers opportunities to build the necessary core skills, values, knowledge and experiences that will support preparation for law school admission. Students are encouraged to take a broad range of challenging courses to build skills, and to expose themselves to the profession of law.

Core Skills, Values, Knowledge, and Experience

  • Problem Solving
  • Critical Reading
  • Writing and Editing
  • Oral Communication and Listening
  • Research
  • Organization and Management
  • Public Service and Promotion of Justice
  • Relationship-building and Collaboration
  • Background Knowledge
  • Exposure to the Law

Cheyney University’s undergraduate curriculum provides many opportunities for students to build these skills. The below courses offer content that incorporates opportunities for students to learn the above listed competencies. These courses may be incorporated into a student’s major, or may be taken to further supplement the undergraduate curriculum of any major:


PRO 111  US GOVERNMENT  Exposure to law and government
RPO 311  INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS  Exposure to international law
RPO 316  AMER CONSTITUTIONAL LAW  Exposes students to issues in constitutional law
RPO 411  CIVIL LIBERTIES & LAW  Exposure to the legal foundation of civil liberties
RSO 201  INTRO TO SOCIOLOGY  A foundation course for any area of law - and prereq to 300-400 level  RSO courses
RSO 219  INTRO TO LAW & SOCIETY  Introduction to criminal/civil rights law
RSO 303  EARLY SOCIAL THOUGHT  A consideration of the social contract and its importance to  rational/legal government
RSO 304  INTERGROUP & ETHNIC RELAT  Provides exposure to issues in social justice/civil rights
RSO 315  SOCIOLOGY OF POVERTY  Exposure to issues of social justice/civil rights
RSO 371  JUVENILE OFFENDERS  Exposure to issues in juvenile justice, including family and criminal law
RSO 483  SPECIAL TOPICS IN CRIMINAL JUSTICE  Provides an overview of issues in criminal justice
HPH 300  PHILOSOPHY OF LIBERAL STUDIES  Review of the history of Greek "Legos," and early writings in law
HPH 317   SOCIAL AND POLITICAL PHILOSOPHY  Reviews social and political philosophy, critical thinking, and the  constitution
HPH 213  ETHICS  Philosophy course on ethics and critical evaluation
HPN 202  INTRODUCTION TO LITERATURE  Develop and apply critical thinking, reading, and writing skills
HEN 420  LITERARY CRITICISM  ?Develop and apply critical thinking, reading, and writing skills?
HEN 319  ADVANCED COMPOSITION  ?Develop and apply critical thinking, reading, and writing skills?
HEN 114  SPEECH  ?Develop and apply critical thinking, reading, and writing skills?
HEN 326   ADVANCED SPEECH  ?Develop and apply critical thinking, reading, and writing skills?
HRM 333   HOSPITALITY LAW  Exposure to hospitality law; topics such as employment discrimination  and contracts
BGN 330   BUSINESS LAW  Introduction to the nature and development of law and the legal process