Campus Directory

  Name Title Phone Email
  Admissions Office Office of Admissions (610) 399-2275 Send email
  Kate Bove Senior Manager for Employment, Information & Risk Services (610) 430-5653 Send email
  Cherelle Box-Thompson Management Technician, Academic Success Center (610) 399-2046

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  Bradley Buchner  Dean of Faculty (610) 399-2214 Send email
  Bursar's Office Office of the Bursar (610) 399- 2224

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  Cheyney University Graduate Admissions Graduate Admissions (610) 399-2275 Send email
  Tonia Clark Administrative Assistant, Athletics (610) 399-2265 Send email
  Robin Coward

Executive Director Institutional Effectiveness, Director EEO & Title IX Coordinator

(610) 399-2430 Send email
  Marsha Depte-Brown Advancement Services, Office of University Advancement & External Relations (610) 399-2109 Send email
  Ramona Dixon Executive Assistant to the President (610) 399-2220

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  Financial Aid Office of Financial Aid

 (610) 399-2302

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  Taria Gale

Academic Support Manager for the Provost 

(610) 399-2656

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  Nicole Gay-Rayfield Director of Student Programs, Keystone Honors Academy (610) 399-2386 Send email
  Harold L. Johnson Admissions Counselor (610) 399-2100 Send email
  Alethia Jones Administrative Assistant, Keystone Honors Academy (610) 399-2386 Send email
  Tara Kent Provost  (610) 399-2656

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  Suzanne Kilian

Interim Athletic Director, Compliance Coordinator & Senior Women's Administrator  

(610) 399-2110 Send email
  Irene Losak Administrative Assistant, Student Affairs (610) 399-2217 Send email
  Dawn Muchison Enrollment Management Representative (610) 399-2141

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  Public Safety/Cheyney Police Department Public Safety/Cheyney Police Department

(610) 399-2405/2330 or 911


  Jolly Ramakrishan Associate Professor, Guidance & Counseling  (610) 399-2032

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  Registrar's Office Registrar's Office

P:(610) 399-2225

F:(610) 399-2385



  Lawrence Richards Chief of Police (610) 399-2123 Send email
  Jacqueline Saez Bilingual Admissions Counselor (610) 399-2038 Send email
  Erika Shehata Director of Institutional Effectiveness & Research (610) 399-2276 Send email
  Vicki Strong-Mitchell Benefits Manager, Human Resources (610) 399-2408 Send email
  Ann Travis Human Resources Associate   Send email
  Ivan Turnipseed Associate Professor and Chair, Hospitality & Recreation Management (610) 399-2559 Send email
  Marie Williams Payroll Manager, Human Resources (610) 399-2060 Send email
  Christopher A. Barnes, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Psychology  (610) 399-2089 Send email
  Norbert I. Ebisike, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice (610) 399-2136 Send email
  Virgilette Nzingha Gaffin, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Africana Studies (610) 399-2716 Send email
  Lynn Green, Ph.D. Professor of Sociology (610) 399-2295 Send email

Vincent E. Miles, Ph.D.

Professor of Social Relations  (610) 399-2266  Send email

Hazel Spears, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Social & Behavioral Sciences (610) 399-2132 Send email

Tamika A. Thomas, Psy. D.

Assistant Professor, Psychology (610) 399-2083 Send email

Tamara Hollins, M.F.A., Ph.D. 

Professor of English (610) 399-2256  Send email

Daneisha Allen, M.S.

Manager, First Year Experience Program  (610) 399-2319 Send email

Joan Weber

Athletics Business Manager (610) 399-2226 Send email

Andrew Dunn

Athletic Trainer (610) 399-2287 Send email

Steve Iezzi

Athletic Trainer  (610) 399-2287 Send email

Joseph Sims

Equipment Manager, Athletics  (610) 399-2570 Send email

Dawud Morris

Men's Basketball Coach (610) 399-2106 Send email

Tammy Bagby

Head Women's Basketball Coach (610) 399-2534 Send email

Joan Braid

Volleyball Coach (610) 399-2510 Send email
  Patricia G. Montenegro, Ph. D.

Associate Professor of Spanish, Department of English, Languages and Communication Arts

(610) 399-2406

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  Marietta Dantonio-Madsen

Associate Professor, Department of Fine Arts, Design & Liberal Studies

(610) 399-2285

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  Helena Domenic

Associate Professor, Department of Fine Arts, Design & Liberal Studies

(610) 399-2365

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  Joel Keener

Professor, Department of Fine Arts, Design & Liberal Studies

(610) 399-2412

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  Lisa Schoenberg

Professor, Department of Fine Arts, Design & Liberal Studies

(610) 399-2288

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  Eric Schumacher

Associate Professor, Department of Fine Arts, Design & Liberal Studies

(610) 399-2599

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  Omenihu Amachi

Instructor, Department of Fine Arts, Design & Liberal Studies

(610) 399-2047

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  IT Help Desk

Office of Information Technology

(610) 399-2222

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  Sharon Thorn

Director of Student Activities

(610) 399-2251

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  Rosalyn Henderson Program Coordinator, TRiO - Student Support Services (SSS)  (610) 399-2467  Send email
  Thom Nixon Associate Director, Community Living and Judicial Affairs (610) 399-2126 Send email
  Toni Hall Instructor, Department of Fine Arts, Design & Liberal Studies (610) 399-2377 Send email
  Ardencia Hall-Karambe Instructor, Department of Fine Arts, Design & Liberal Studies (610) 399-2237 Send email
  David Slivka Instructor, Department of Fine Arts, Design & Liberal Studies (610) 399-2285 Send email
  Mary Boles Administrative Assistant, Department of Fine Arts, Design & Liberal Studies (610) 399-2285 Send email
  Lauronda Fletcher, MBA Bursar, Office of the Bursar (610) 399-2719 Send email
  Shamik Bivings Fiscal Technician, Office of the Bursar (610) 399-2232 Send email
  John Mordecai Fiscal Assistant, Office of the Bursar (610) 399-2280 Send email
  Chris Brown Technical Director, Office of Information Technology (610) 399-2646 Send email
  Ce'Asia Thorpe Program Specialist, TRiO - Student Support Services (SSS)  (610) 399-2578 Send email
  Susan Chesterton Interim Executive Director, Academic and Administrative Services (610) 399-2409 Send email
  Stephanie R. Stevens, M.A. Registrar Data Analyst, Office of the Registrar (610) 399-2437 Send email
  Jemal Fisher Enrollment Services Representative II, Office of the Registrar (610) 399-2193 Send email
  Beth Jo Mullaney Information Systems Librarian (610) 399-2065 Send email
  Mary P. Hutchman Library Technician (610) 399-2245 Send email
  Regina Coleman Office Manager, Cheyney University Association of Pennsylvania State College and University Faculties (APSCUF) Office (610) 399-2262 Send email
  Tia Brown, M.P.H. Associate Director of Student Health & Wellness Programs (610) 399-2260 Send email
  Christa Cobb Manager of Compliance, Policies & Procedures (610) 399-2683 Send email
  Pablo Mojica Senior Systems Administrator, Office of Information Technology (610) 399-2438 Send email
  Bill Brown Technical Support Specialist, Office of Information Technology (610) 399-2378 Send email
  Sean Morgan Technical Support Specialist, Office of Information Technology (610) 399-2023 Send email
  LaMica S. Justice Systems Analyst, Office of Information Technology   Send email
  Elisabeth Burton Executive Director of Campus Life & Student Affairs (610) 399-2217 Send email
  Herbert Black Assistant Professor, Hospitality & Recreation Management (610) 399-2364 Send email
  Cheyney University Facilities Office of Facilities  (610) 399-2297

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  Kate Rzucidlo Admissions Counselor (610) 399-2292

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  Greg Benjamin Admissions Counselor (610) 399-2293

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  Mark Eckler Data Analyst (610) 399-2275

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  Steven G. Hughes, Ph.D. Professor/Director of Aquaculture Research & Education Laboratory (610) 399-2400

Send email

  Jeff Jones Executive Director of Enrollment Management (610) 399-2042

Send email

  Suzanne Sparrow Director of Student Financial Services (610) 399-2255

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  Cheyney Mailroom Cheyney University Mailroom (Marcus Foster Student Center) (610) 399-2347

Send email

  Kizzy Morris Director of Enrollment Management (610) 399-2196

Send email

  Lauren Sealy Project Manager, Housing, Auxiliary and Conference Services (610) 399-2398

Send email

  Kenyon Holley Director, Center for Career Services and Professional Development (610) 399-2270

Send email

  The Cheyney Foundation The Cheyney Foundation (610) 399-2419

Send email

  Stacey Browning Executive Assistant, The Cheyney Foundation (610) 399-2419

Send email

  Laura Vargas Life Coach (610) 399-2219

Send email

  Cameo Pritchett Life Coach (610) 399-2218

Send email

  Vernell Edwards Admissions Counselor (610) 399-2099

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  Mae Stephens
Director, Title III/Grants Administration
(610) 399-2057

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  Elora Berkley Administrative Assistant 610-399-2275  Send Email 
  Corinne Green  Instructor, Social & Behavioral Science (610) 399-2408  Send Email
  Julianne Lewis Professional Tutor/Supplemental Instructor    
  Christopher Eutsey Adjunct Instructor, Social & Behavioral Sciences    Send Email