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Human Resources Policies & Practices

The Office of Human Resources is the focal point for the hiring, job posting, benefits administration and counseling, salaries and wages, promotion, and employee training at the university. The Office of Human Resources will collect appropriate statistical data, maintain and analyze information with respect to personnel transactions (such as promotions, terminations, hires, and transfers).

The Office of Human Resources will ensure that all university non-discrimination policies are current and in compliance. These policies include, but are not limited to:

  1. Ensuring that all position postings and advertisements are open to both male and female, unless there is a bona fide occupational qualification of a particular position;
  2. ensuring that all advertisements will have the “tag line” affirmative action/equal employment opportunity employer (AA/EEO);
  3. providing all employees with the university's affirmative action plan and sexual harassment policy, as well as other related information; and
  4. creating and establishing a job description for all positions within the university (full and part-time), and review and update as needed, or when a position becomes vacant.

The initial interviewing of all clerical staff is also centralized in the Office of Human Resources. In addition, all testing in regard to clerical positions will be performed in the Office of Human Resources to ensure equal treatment for all persons.

Faculty Hiring

A recommendation for faculty hiring is requested through the appropriate academic channels to the president, who has sole hiring authority. The social equity director will meet with every search committee seeking to hire persons to fill full-time positions, in accordance with the applicable faculty collective bargaining agreement.

Administrative Hiring

The social equity officer will meet with every search committee for full-time positions in accordance with the accordance terms and conditions of any appropriate collective bargaining agreement.