policies and student obligations


The Keystone Honors Academy operates as a democratic meritocracy. As such, in the honors academy all rewards are based on merit, talent, effort, competence, and ability. All rewards (scholarships, leadership conferences, residence in the Keystone Living Learning Center in Emlen, meeting national speakers, etc.) may be earned, and all members of the academy may democratically apply for such rewards. We use an application process for all privileges, and applications are weighed according to their overall merits. This selection process is transparent, and encourages all of our students to participate. Students may only achieve these rewards if they apply and participate in this competitive process. Everyone is encouraged to apply for the many opportunities offered through the Academy, and to continue to refine their credentials.


All students in the KHA must maintain a minimum grade point average of a 3.0 each semester and a 3.0 cumulative GPA.
o Students who fall below a 3.0 for one semester are placed on probation. These students must schedule a meeting with the Dean. Scholarships remain active during the probationary period.
o Students who fall below a 3.0 for two semesters consecutively are suspended from the program.
o If a student’s transcript is changed (a professor changes a grade), the student should notify the Dean of the KHA immediately. If the change impacts suspension/probation, this will go into effect automatically.
• All students must enroll in continuous full time coursework (minimum of 12 credit hours a semester), and make progress in a degree-granting course of study.
• Participate in community service and/or volunteer with the Keystone Honors Academy. Service learning courses satisfy this requirement. Students must have community service on file with the KHA office.
• Make continuous progress with the Cheyney Honors Academy Curriculum.
• Participate in KHA activities, including the Dinner Banquets, special events and activities, the Honors and Awards Convocation, Founder’s Day, etc.
• Uphold the University Code of Conduct.
• Stay in communication with the KHA and check Cheyney University Email daily!
• Serve as an ambassador of the KHA and CU.

Earning Privileges in the KHA

Improving credentials in the Academy may involve, but is not limited to supporting the mission of the academy by:
• Participating in the scholarly activities offered through the Academy
• Participating in the Honors Council
• Participating in the Keystone Ambassador Program
• Participating in community service and volunteerism through the Academy and through the broader campus community
• Maintaining a strong grade point average
• Upholding obligations of the Academy such as attending the dinners, University convocations, checking Cheyney email, etc.
• Upholding the University code of conduct

This approach encourages all students to be active members of the academy, and helps student scholars to prepare for the world after Cheyney University.