DBE Supportive Services Center

The Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE) Supportive Services Center, a shared initiative of Cheyney University of Pennsylvania and the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PENNDOT), is the administrator of the DBE Supportive Services Program for Pennsylvania.


The mission of the Center focuses on building services that will enable DBEs to acquire the proficiency, expertise and experience necessary to compete, on an equal basis, with non-DBEs for federally assisted PENNDOT contracts and subcontracts.

DBE Services

Certified DBEs desiring to participate in PENNDOT's highway construction program are eligible to receive all services from the DBE Supportive Services Center at no charge. These services are available via telephone, mail, facsimile, E-mail, Internet, face-to-face and on-site visits.

DBE Supportive Services Center
Cheyney University of Pennsylvania
P.O.Box 200
Cheyney, PA 19319-0200
Toll free: 877-PENNDBE (877-736-6323)
Fax: 610-399-2118
Visit us online at: www.pennsylvaniadbe.com