Center for Career and Professional Development 

Center for Career and Professional Development

Welcome to Cheyney University's Center for Career and Professional Development (CCPD).  We offer services and resources to assist students and alumni with taking the necessary steps to define their career goals and develop action plans.

The CCPD supports the academic, personal and professional development of Cheyney University students and alumni by providing the information, resources, speakers, networking opportunities and access to employers. The CCPD fulfills its mission in a student-centered environment, designed to encourage and support Cheyney University's students and alumni as they advance their careers.  

Wolf Career Network Quick Links

The following are only some of the services provided by the Center for Career and Professional Development (CCPD):

  • Manage the Wolf Career Network database for students, alumni & employers
  • Conduct customized career planning and professional development workshops and seminars
  • Resume writing assistance
  • Individual career coaching sessions (by appointment)
  • Quick Questions for walk-ins needing a 10-15 minute consultation
  • Provide career and professional development resources
  • Career Fairs (Fall and Spring)
  • Employer on-campus interviews
  • Assist with job search strategies
  • Industry and company information sessions
  • Information about campus, local, regional, national and international employment and graduate school events and opportunities

Get FOCUSed - FOCUS 2 Career Exploration Assessment

GetFocused2 FOCUS 2 Career Exploration Logo

Focus is an on-line career system that provides information to help you learn more about yourself and identify occupations and majors that may be a good fit for you.

Focus is divided into six sections:

  1. Welcome: Developing Your Personalized Career and Education Plans
    This section offers a series of questions to help you become more aware of your academic strengths, career planning status, and personal development needs.
  2. Self Assessment: Learn Something About Yourself
    This section offers a series of assessments. After you complete these assessments, Focus will use your answers to connect you to occupations and majors that correspond to your interests, skills, values and personality.
    • Work Interest Assessment
    • Values Assessment
    • Personality Assessment
    • Skills Assessment
    • Leisure Assessment
  3. Explore the Possibilities: Career and Education Planning
    This section offers you an opportunity to explore, learn about, and compare occupations by their title, industry, and major. You can review detailed reports of any occupation(s) to inform your career decision making process.
  4. Take Action: Map Your Academic and Career Development Activities
    This section enables you to create a roadmap of your academic and career development activities.
  5. Career and Education Planning Results: Career Portfolio
    This section offers a report summarizing your use of Focus, including your assessment results and any occupations saved as your favorites.
  6. Recommended Tools & Websites
    This section offers websites for job and internship postings, and links to resources recommended by the Career Development Center's staff.

Focus is entirely self-paced. Be sure to respond to all questions in each subsection of an assessment. If you close out of Focus before completing any subsection, the website will not remember your answers in that assessment.

Focus is completed online and at any computer that has internet access and web browsing capabilities. You can create an account and/or login to Focus HERE. The access code for new users is cheyney  

After using Focus, it is HIGHLY recommended that you come to the Center for Workforce and Human Capital Development to gain additional insight into your unique assessment results. You may contact the Center at 610-399-2217


Although we often recommend you start by using Focus, you can meet with a career counselor to discuss your career plans anytime. A very important detail to note is that career assessment is just that, an assessment. Career assessments are NOT tests. A test implies that there is one right or wrong answer. Career assessments are meant to provide you with some options to engage you and guide you in your career exploration. Ultimately, your major and career decisions are solely up to you.

Contact Information

Phone:  (610) 399-2217