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Payment Plans

Cheyney University is proud to offer a variety of interest-free payment plans for the semester. The student should take out-of-pocket costs (charges, less anticipated financial aid and scholarships) and decide which plan that is still available best meets their financial needs. Both options are setup by the student or parent.
Option #1  Power Campus Self-Service/Cashnet Plan administered in-house by Cheyney’s Bursar office
This option is an automatic payment plan in which monthly payments calculated by you will be deducted from the credit card of your choice at the initial setup (payment methods can be changed at least 5 days before payment due date). Cashnet plans will start as 4 equal payments if started in August and 3 if started in September (Fall 2016 Plan Enrollment ends October 1, 2016). The enrollment fee for this plan is $25 due at time of sign up.
Once logged on to student account:
·         Click on finances
·         Click on bursar
·         Click on Installment Payment Plan and follow the instructions
Option #2  Higher One Campus Solutions (formerly Sallie Mae)
The student can sign up with Tuition Pay by Sallie Mae for the full amount needed and the appropriate plan. The plan will calculate the amount into equal monthly payments. These payments are then made directly to Tuition Pay by Sallie Mae. Payment is accepted in a variety of ways by Tuition Pay either by check (mail to them directly), e-check, credit card or direct debit from your checking or savings account.
HigherOne Tuition Pay semester based plans have an enrollment fee of $35. These include a five-payment plan starting in July, four-payment plan in Aug and three-payment plan in Sept. Contact HigherOne at 1-800-635-0120 (Tuition Pay division).
Additional Notes
Payments made through the automatic payment plan administered through Power Campus Self Service/Cashnet are applied immediatley after payment is made.
We encourage students to understand the fee structures from Tuition Pay by HigherOne. You may alter the amount of the plan as needed for no additional cost (students may have changes to aid or scholarships and this allows the payment plans to be adjusted for these changes).
Payment plan funds are transferred to CU once a month - the month AFTER you pay them - don't be alarmed if you don't see it on your student account. Payment Plans can be cancelled, advise them of such, don't just stop paying. If you do choose to cancel your payment plan please contact someone from the Bursar’s office. Review your bill when it is ready to view and compare to your payment plan to ensure it is sufficient to cover your total costs. Call us if you need help!
We will not accept payment plan payments at the Cashier’s window. Any delinquent accounts will be terminated and the balance due will be payable immediately.