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Student Refunds
This page deals with refunds for overpayment. If you are seeking information on refunds as a result of withdrawal from Cheyney, consult our withdrawal section
Students who receive financial aid in excess of tuition and fees will receive a refund from Cheyney University. The Office of the Bursar automatically issues refunds for students that have a financial aid credit appearing on their student account, after tuition and fees have been paid.
For security purposes, refund information will not be given over the telephone. Students should check their accounts on PowerCAMPUS Self-Service. Once "student refund" or “electronic refund” is displayed the student can expect to receive a refund. Refunds checks not picked up within two weeks are mailed to the billing address on record.
Refunds from excess financial aid are not released until at a minimum three (3) days after the conclusion of the Drop/Add period for the term or session and only once the account has a credit balance. Please plan accordingly for expenses, such as books, at the beginning of the term or session.
Sign up for Electronic Refunds (Erefunds)
·         Students can sign up by clicking on “click here to enroll in erefund’ in PC Self-Service/Cashnet account.
·         Provided the student’s account has a credit balance, financial aid refunds are generally available beginning the 3rd week of classes. Refunds are available at the Office of the Bursar. Refund checks can only be picked up by the student with a valid Cheyney ID card.
·         Students can check the status of a refund 24/7 via their PC Self-Service/Cashnet account.
·         If you will be receiving a refund check it will be made payable to you in your name.
·         Students may request refunds to be mailed to the home address on record by sending an e-mail request from their wolf mail account to the bursar email.
Refund Choices:
1.    Direct Deposit into the bank account of your choice - you will need to supply your bank account information when you choose this option.
·         Availability of funds - 1-3 business days (depending on receiving bank)
·         Notification method - email or text message
2.    Paper check pick up at Cashier’s window. 
·         Availability of funds - 5-7 Business Days (depending on postal service)
·         Notification method - email or text message
Parent Plus Refunds
What is a Parent Plus Loan?
Parent Plus Loans are loans a parent can take that are used to help pay a student's expenses at Cheyney University. These loans are applied for at by the parent. The parent upon approval would need to sign a Master Promissory Note (MPN) with their FAFSA (US Dept of Ed) pin # (not the student's). The loan repayment is the responsibility of the parent.
Who gets refunds on the students account?
When a student’s account is overpaid, a refund is issued (no sooner than three {3} days after the conclusion of drop/add). If the overpayment is caused by:
·         Aid in the student's name, the refund is released to the student.
·         Aid from the parent plus loan - the refund must go to the parent who took the loan.
·         Parent Plus refunds are currently only issued as a paper check, and mailed to the parent's address.
·         Parent refunds on a student account will appear as a “Plus Refund” on the account
Can I give permission to have a Parent Plus refund released to my son/daughter?
Yes. A parent has the right to request Cheyney University to release this refund to the student instead. This release form must be completed, and returned, prior to the disbursement of the Parent Plus loan to guarantee the processing of the refund to the student. If received after the disbursement, but prior to the refund, we will do our best. Once a refund is processed it cannot be reversed and re-issued. Submission instructions are on the form.